black mold under carpet

Q: What will kill black mold on carpet?

My first floor was flooded from a burst water heater, behind the couch I found black mold on carpet and the baseboard.So I ripped up the carpet that was there and that is when I found black mold under carpet and the padding. Layer after layer it goes all the way down to the mold on plywood flooring.What products or kit would you recommend me purchasing ?

Andrew M from Fargo

A: MoldSTAT Mold Remediation and Prevention Kit

The carpet / flooring recovery project would best be handled with the Cleaner Today MoldSTAT Mold Remediation and Prevention Kit. The kit does NOT contain any bleach based products….
So it is perfectly safe to use on your floorboards, and the carpeting.
Contents of the kit include:
MoldSTAT Plus, a concentrated mold cleaner and killer that can be used to kill, then wipe down the area. Making sure to apply as many times as needed to work through the black mold, until you believe there is no further mold (wipe the area with a white rag or cloth, when no color gets on the rag, you know the surface mold has been removed). At this point apply a final soak to kill black mold in wood (the goal here is to kill the mold roots that are in the floorboards)…If you are keeping the carpeting, you will also want to clean and soak the carpet. This is another area where MoldSTAT Plus shines. Unlike a bleach mildew stain remover, MoldSTAT Plus mold killer and MoldSTAT Barrier are color safe and will not harm surfaces that are water tolerant. Allow both carpet and floor boards to dry for an hour.Now with the mold Cleaned, mold roots killed we turn to mold prevention.

The biggest step toward prevention is ensuring the moisture that lead to the development of black mold is no longer present.  That should be easy by replacing the water heater.  With the moisture under control, you now apply the MoldSTAT Barrier which contains an anti-microbial chemical that prevents the mold re-growth mold. Spray the Barrier onto both the flooring, and the underside of the carpet. Allow to dry (again accelerate with fans). Once dry, the carpet can be put back in place.

The last element in the set is the MoldSTAT Aireze Fogger.

Aireze is used for mold odor control, and can be thought of like an air freshener sprayed in your car after a car wash; it lightens up the scent clearing any of the musty odors that may have been stirred up by your mold removal activities.
Two cans or Aireze are included in the mold prevention kit. To use, vigorously shake the can for 45 seconds. To Spray, press tap trigger and spray into the air, or press and lock the trigger and set on a level surface.Here is a link to the Mold Prevention Kit: