MoldSTAT Plus Coverage

Q: How much MoldSTAT Plus is needed per sq ft?

I am wanting to buy some of your product for removing and preventing mold, however I do not know what your recommendation is for liquid per square foot.Can you explain the Moldstat plus coverage? If you could help me with this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

Andy from Virginia

A: MoldStat Plus Coverage: 3/4oz covers 100 sq ft.

Concentrated Mold Killer and Cleaner

MoldSTAT Plus

Andy, because MoldSTAT Plus is a concentrated black mold cleaner and mold killer, your question has 2 answers: how much MoldSTAT concentrate treats 100sq ft and how much MoldSTAT in solution is needed to cover 100sq ft.

In concentrate 3/4 (.75) oz of MoldSTAT Plus will make 1 gallon of full strength mold killer.

Each gallon of mold killer treats 100 sq ft of surface with a single pass.

MoldSTAT Plus comes in 2 sizes:

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