MSDS for MoldSTAT Plus?

Q: Does anyone have a Material Safety Sheet for MoldSTAT Plus?

We’ve been using MoldSTAT Plus for years because it is both effective and very economical. For an upcoming mold removal job, the plant manager has asked for a list of MoldSTAT Plus Ingredients‎. That means I need a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet for Mold STAT plus. We’ve had the MSDS sheet around the office, but the facilities manager is requiring it in a PDF format.Any chance that some one can find a copy for me?

Vincent from Wisconsin

A: Yes, we found a PDF of the MoldSTAT Plus MSDS

Vince, after a bit of digging we found a current version of the Material Safety Data Sheet for Mold Stat Plus.
This version from 2010 uses the long form and is 6 pages in length which includes an active ingredient list

MSDS: Moldstat Plus MSDS

Before this there used to be a 2 page version. Same information just a bit more compact MSDS making it easier to print on a single 2 sided sheet of paper. We’ll keep looking for a paper copy that could be scanned. But for now, the above link will get you the file your customer is requesting.