Standing Water in Foreclosed Basement

Q: What do I need to remove mold from a flooded basement?

I’m purchasing a foreclosed home that had standing water in the basement for 6 months. It has a mold issue now mostly in the bottom of the floor joists. I’m going to be cleaning roughly 1000sqft. What should I order to kill the mold, and prevent it from growing back?

Chris S from New Jersey

A: MoldSTAT Plus and MoldSTAT Coating and Encapsulator


For a large project like this we recommend:

After you have drained the basement, the first step is to use the fogmaster Jr. to apply the MoldSTAT Plus to all affected areas.

Sometimes people expect the Fogmaster Jr to produce a ‘theater style fog cloud’, however, that type of ‘fog smoke’ is only produced by ‘fog liquid’ and a hot fogger. The Fogmaster JR is a cold fogger, and when used with MoldSTAT Plus it will produce a super fine mist with very small droplets that can penetrate deeply.

After allowing the MoldSTAT plus to soak in for 10 minutes (during which the active ingredients eliminate the mold), wipe the area clean with a paper towel. If the paper towel transfers color, then re-apply the MoldSTAT Plus. (of course follow all directions on the moldstat label).

If the mold is particularly thick, you may need to repeat this process several times.
Once the paper towel wipes clean, apply one final soak to penetrate the roots.

Allow the entire space to dry using Fans and DeHumidifiers. The once dry, apply the MoldSTAT Coating and Protectant using a brush, roller or airless sprayer (do NOT use the fogmaster jr, as the polymers will dry inside the fogger and ruin it).

Once the Coating and Protectant has dried, it may be painted over, or just left alone.