MoldStat Saves the Team!

The Problem

Here at we received a phone call from a high school in the southeastern United States with a serious problem. Due to budget cuts, the school had turned off all air conditioning over the long humid summer including to equipment storage areas. When staff returned in the fall, they discovered that all of the football uniforms were covered in mold! The combination of not completely cleaned and dried equipment stored in humid conditions with no air conditioning, which would otherwise have reduced the humidity indoors, had created a massive problem. The school was already low on funds, especially for extracurricular activities like sports and the replacement cost for even one football uniform complete with pads would be in the hundreds of dollars. Replacing uniforms and equipment for the entire team was simply out of the question and the fear was that there would be no fall football season for this school, especially tragic in the high school football obsessed southeast. Could CleanerToday offer a mold remediation solution at a reasonable cost that would be effective yet safe for uniforms that included both hard non-porous plastic surfaces as well as colored fabrics? The short answer was a resounding yes we can and we did!

MoldStat Plus Cost Effective Solution

Our solution to the football team’s problem was MoldStat Plus, a super-concentrated and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tested and proven effective fungicide. A 16 ounce bottle makes a total of 21 gallons of highly effective mold remediation product for a low cost of only $28.75, only slightly more than a dollar a gallon making MoldStat Plus not only effective against mold but also cost effective and reasonable for a team on a budget.

Concentrated Mold Killer and Cleaner

MoldSTAT Plus

Cleaning the Plastic

The dilute solution was simply sprayed on to the hard plastic pads and guards and then wiped away, effectively killing all mold and leaving a light and pleasant scent instead of a heavy chemical or bleach smell as is so common with other products used against mold, especially those that don’t actually have any documented proof of their effectiveness against mold, unlike MoldStat Plus which carries an EPA certification of effectiveness.

Cleaning the Cloth Jerseys

The cloth components of the uniforms would have presented an insurmountable challenge for any bleach-based mold remediation solution because such products would have destroyed the colorful jerseys on contact and depending on the fabric used to make the uniforms, such products might actually have dissolved or damaged materials such as spandex or elastic, both of which are commonly found in athletic clothing. Fortunately, MoldStat Plus is completely safe for any fabric that can withstand contact with water and since MoldStat Plus contains absolutely no bleach or bleaching agents, even colorful jerseys were safely treated and rendered free of mold. How would MoldStat Plus be used on such fabrics? In the easiest possible way, it was simply added to regular washing machines set on regular wash cycles with regular detergent. MoldStat Plus works excellently in standard washing machines to both kill mold and eliminate any lingering odors often associated with mold infestations. Helps!

MoldStat Plus came to the rescue of the high school football team for literally pennies per uniform and the highly concentrated nature of the product meant that there would be concentrate left over for future instances of mold elimination should the need arise elsewhere on campus. We here at were happy and proud to be able to help local athletes get back on the field to a winning future with mold-free and fresh scented uniforms ready for heavy action. Don’t hesitate to ask us here at for help with your mold remediation needs, no matter how unusual, through the use of the MoldStat family of products, helping everyone towards a cleaner and mold-free future starting today!